Eddie here!

Welcome to the new site for the Sonic fan film! Time to officially break in the site with the first blog post.

So, a Sonic fan film. Live action, no less. I must be truly crazy to do it but, damn it, I'm ready to give it my all! I had so much fun doing "MegaMan" and revisiting those childhood memories that I REALLY wanted to do another video game fan film. Since I was younger, I was so intrigued with live action film adaptations of comic, video games, cartoons, etc. Whether good or bad, there was just something very interesting in making such transitions work. Sadly, many of them didn't work so well...Super Mario Bros, for example, really shook me up. I hated how it wasn't faithful but loved the last 20 minutes...the only part of the movie they are in their damn game uniforms....but I digress.

So, we decided we wanted to do one more video game fan film but under certain conditions. I couldn't make the same production mistakes I had with "MegaMan". It has to be big, epic, and look like a Hollywood production without having to spend millions to get such results. Smart budgeting, creativity, and love of the source material would be out fuel. Being such a huge video game fan, i wanted to adapt so many games but I didn't fell like I was a big enough fan to give them the care they deserve, at the end of the day, there was one franchise that I truly loved since childhood. Along with MegaMan, there was one other character that represented my childhood love for video games and my thirst for adventure and action. That character was Sonic the Hedgehog. I wanted to do a Sonic fan film since I was 12 and I figured that if this would be my last fan film, I should do something that would be unheard of and something that could be truly amazing. Despite that, "Sonic" isn't exactly something that could work well in live action. The challenge excited me. I had an idea that could work well and I was willing to give it a go and here we are now!

With that out of the way, the first set of goodies: concept art!

Back in July, after me, David, and Dan returned from SGC, we decided right away that we should start contacting various artist and illustrations so we could start gathering some concept. What you see below is amongst the first batch of concept art we received. We wanted artist that were truly fans so we can gauge their input and get designs that would be accepted by fans such as us. We wanted fans that love the character and legacy without being afraid of understanding our intentions and knowing what would work best in live action. These were drawn by Michelle "Eless the Heddehog" Whitehead . Unbelievably sweet, talented, and the first artist to jump abroad! They were drawn in a more animated style but go the foundation down and gave us a solid starting point. Some elements would be taken and used in future concepts while others were unused.

First concept was done with minor direction. All we asked was to give him a touch that could help punch him up without redesigning him.

The rest contained changes in regards to minor things but mainly his gloves. Although not final, the concepts from Michelle served as a great reference to help us decide what changes could be made and what couldn't. They have to be minor changes since the original Sonic designs are so iconic that tampering with them would be against everything we are setting out to do.

Next Wednesday, expect more designs and different takes on Sonic's design!