Hey all!

Here's the second batch of concept art. These images were drawn by Evan Stanley, the second concept artist to jump abroad on the film and help us out! Below, you will see his first concept in which I asked him to give me something that could exist in our world but look distinctly Sonic. Like Michelle, I wanted to give Evan freedom on his work since I wanted to see what he could offer to the character.

Along with this, he sent various facial expressions:

Very stylized and dynamic! It's a very cool take on the character. I thought the concepts was great but maybe a bit too human. After this concepts, I asked him to pump out something more modern and to take a step away from the human approach. This was the next concept he sent!

We're getting there! Between Michelle and Evan, the pieces are coming together. I love Michelle's small details and how she treats the fur while I love Evan's use of color and how his classic/modern hybrid blends so well together.

Stay tuned this week for another video blog and some concepts! Next week, we will finish up concept art and start looking at the earlier passes on converting him to 3D. Stay tuned!

- Eddie