Hello everyone!

First off, thank you SO much to all those who donated! We actually got a nice amount in donations so I'm extremely grateful that you all support and believe in the project to the point that you donated. You are all amazing :) .

That being said, time for another pre-production blog! Most likely, we will have one or two more of these before we start doing production blogs that will discuss the actual shooting of the project. So here are the updates!:

We have officially begun casting for the film last week. So far, we have 4 roles cast with 2 pretty awesome cameos in the works! We are really excited for the people we are involved and can't wait to shoot with them in the coming weeks! The whole cast will be revealed soon but until then, stay tuned.

First Day of Shooting:
We are currently getting the helicopter photography ready to go and we are figuring out the logistic of the first day of photography with the actors. We are going to take advantage of the Fall weather since the film is meant to depict, like the game, how the various areas of South Island are diverse and how they have an interesting contrast with each other. That being said, the look of the trees and desaturation in landscape colors will help to provide a background to some of the bleaker locations seen in the film. We might actually have to travel a few states south of New York to get locations with more green for the later scenes in the film.

Additionally, the producers and I will be flying out to LA next month to take care of some Sonic related stuff, including a meet up with you-know-who. Upon our arrival back home, we hope to provide a bunch of pics and goodies publicly when we return!

The Camera:
Many people seem to be curious as to what we will shoot the project on. We will be shooting the film on a RED ONE MX Camera System which is all digital. We've worked with the camera on a couple of projects and I'm IN LOVE with it. It will give us the resolution and control we need to pull of some of the elaborate concepts and ideas we have for the film. I'll be putting up our RED reel in few weeks but if you are unfamiliar with the camera, link below!:


We begin wardrobe conceptualizing and fabrication next week which should be exciting! No much info on this aspect yet but as concepts come out, we will upload them as well as photos of the actors modeling them. It goes without saying the most exciting piece of wardrobe will be Robotnik's costume so I can't wait to show concepts of what he could look.

Next posting:
For those that are a member of the site, stay tuned for tomorrow since I will be putting up a private blog since I'm curious about a few things and would LOVE reader feedback. I'll also provide more secret aspects of the film to get some input on.

Talk to all of you tomorrow!