Wow, things got pretty busy! We start shooting in less than 2 weeks and we are getting ready to record with Jaleel so things are picking up! Anyway, on to some more updates:

More Sonic Concepts!: First, the remaining of Evan's Concept work. Here is a nice little pose of his Sonic design along with a line up of how tall each Sonic would compared to one another (and a human).

Expect some more stuff from Evan as he draws up concepts for different elements in the film! Next, we move onto concepts by Kelly "SEGAmew" Van. These's are more classically, vividly bound. These embrace the toon element of Sonic but give him a little kick in certain areas.

You go to love all the notes. Classic just every detail was in Kelly's thought process. Such a love for the character can be seen! Lastly, we have a few goodies from Sikitia "Xza Xza" Mack. Colorful and radical renditions!

This one above might be the most extreme redesign of the bunch but actually wonderful nice and interesting! Although it may not be used for the movie, this is the type of design that can take on of life of it's own. You have to love all these takes on Sonic. Each artist shares a love for the character and each has their idea of what design would be plausible in the film world. The results are so exciting to look at!

On another note:

Question to the readers:

We are taking inspirations from mainly the games (mostly Sonic 1, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and Sonic Adventure). It's given that since this is live action, Robotnik will be played by a live action actor which means there will be humans in the film. It seems more casual fans will be more accepting of humans being in the film but I fell the more hardcore fans might not be as accepting. What are YOUR thoughts? If the humans have great character, are played by strong actors, and don't overshadow Sonic; would it work for you? It's been proven since the mid-90's that humans are present in the game universe but since Sonic 2006 and Sonic X, it seems like humans in this universe took a step back. Thoughts?

The film does include a variation on freedom fighters (but not THE freedom fighters we've come to know and love) and they are being played humans for this installment. A huge risk but I firmly believe we have characters that will wash the bad taste of how humans behave and interact in the Sonic universe.