Hello everyone! Eddie here.

So we returned from MagFest 2011 late-Sunday night and we are still recovering. So, time to let everyone know what went down there!

We arrived early-Thursday and the first thing we did was put up banners promoting our two events happening that Saturday: Live "MegaMan" Commentary and our "Sonic" panel. Please note, that the following two posters depicting sonic are earlier designs and renders. Sonic's appearance is bit different now. We will be releasing the new Sonic, publicly in the future.

After that, it was just a lot of gaming and getting our presentation ready! We got to meet internet personality Spoony in person (having exchanging emails with him) which was the Friday highlight! Fast forward to Saturday.

The MegaMan commentary was at 10AM. It was the first panel of the day and usually at this time, the con hasn't peaked for the day so attendance for any panel is hit or miss but I was surprised by the turn out! We got the Main Events room for it and I would say we filled up 35%-40% which is pretty cool for that time slot and the size of the room! We wanted to do the commentary for fun and to talk about "MegaMan 2" for a bit. Overall, a REALLY fun panel! We got to talk with a lot of cool people, sign some autographs, and just have a good time!

Then came the "Sonic" panel at 4PM in panel room 3. The butterflies in my tummy were doing a number on me. David and Dan (the producers) were just as nervous while my significant other stood calm and did her best to chill us out. In addition to that, I was SO nervous about the turn out but 10 minutes before they opened the doors for our panel, a line was forming! We not only packed the room but the remaining people on the line were denied access (damn). Over the next hour, we showed a lot of new concepts images and then the trailer. The trailer ended and there was silence....David was freaking out and I was feeling a sense a dread. Then the audience exploded! I could hear a chatter of "wow" and "that was great!". After talking to some people afterwards, it seems people were paralyzed by what they saw. They did NOT expect to see what they did...and they loved it! Yay! We followed up with a Q&A and asked for some feedback.

Information revealed at the panel:

-Various cameos are in store for the film. This includes cameos and roles featuring EgoRaptor and Nathan Barnatt. -60% of the film will be shot in the US Virgin Islands to capture the atmosphere and feel of the South Island and outskirts of the Green Hill Zone. The remainder will be shot on sets or in the Manhattan area.

-Motobugs, Buzz Bomers, and E-series Droids are confirmed as the film's primary Badniks.
-Chaos Emeralds will serve as a major motivation for Robotnik's character.
-Humans will be a part of the film in a similar fashion to "Sonic Adventure".
-We are hoping to make this into a feature length film upon completion or maybe a web series.
-2011 release is confirmed but the "when" is still pending as well as a premiere.
-Initial release will be on ScrewAttack.com.

All concepts and images from the panel are to hit the site soon!

Our Saturday concluded with two fun happenings: First was an interview with Tainted Reality about the film. The cute camerwoman was cosplaying as Chun-Li so it was the best interview in history:


After that, I was invited to a rad Sushi dinner with Stuttering Craig and many other ScrewAttack people. In addition to that, I got to eat with BrentalFloss, James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) and various members of Cinemassacre. We waited 70 minutes for the food to be served but at least the company was good.

Overall, the panels were a success, we had A LOT of fun playing games, and got to see many familiar face. Bring on MagFest 2012!

As for the teaser that was leaked: it will hit sometime in March since we want to polished it. What we showed wasn't final. For site members that want to see a high quality version of the work in progress tease before it's officially released, you're in for a treat ;).

Thank you all for the support! All feedback and comments are welcomed! :)