Hello everyone!

I apologize for the delay but school has been ROUGH. I've been working on my thesis film as well as other people's thesis films so that's been very demanding. In fact, I've gotten sick multiple times within the last month due to spreading myself too thin so I'm managing my time wisely over the next few weeks to make sure I stay in decent condition! I'm also working on two music videos (one I'm directing and one I'm co-directing) that are to be released within the next 6-8 weeks.

With that being said, many are wondering what is the current status on "Sonic". Short answer: it's great! Progress is being made daily on "Sonic" to the point where a majority of the visual effects are already hammered out and we are currently getting ready for production. We aim to begin shooting for 4 days in mid-April at Puerto Rico. We are extremely excited to begin shooting at some amazing locations that will bring the atmosphere and environment of the Sonic mythos to life. We will posted images of the locations we are shooting at this week!

I also want to discuss the teaser. The WIP teaser will remain private for a little while since we are currently re-rendering the teaser with the updated of model of "Sonic". That will be the version to go public (as well as the WIP so people can compare). We've been filtering all the feedback on the model and the results are quite pleasing! For all our subscribers, expect a look at him VERY soon....like, 48 hours soon!

On a side note, expect a few goodies and extras in coming weeks. More details to come. Big things are in the works!