Hello everyone!

Has been a while since the last update so I'm going to make it count. Updates should come quicker since....well, read to found out!:

Recently, my producer David and I were interviewed on a podcast call "Destroy All Slackers" in which we covered the following:
-Major changes that have been made to the current script regarding the freedom fighters.
-All major cameos are announced.
-Additional story tidbits.
-The only time we openly discuss Richard Kuta, the director of the animated Sonic fan film (as well as shedding light on a few non-truths he claimed in an earlier episode with DAS).

Visit the site for the podcast! (episode 20):

Our biggest announcement is that shooting on the film will officially begin MAY 19TH. Now, production did begin in December but was put on hold as we rewrote the script, budgeted for locations, and so I can get done with school (I graduate from college in 2 weeks!). With the rewrites, we figured we reshoot what was already shot. All I can say now is the first day will take us to the SKY!

With "Sonic" being rewritten, I dedicated some of my time to school and working in the field so I've been rather busy! I figure I'd update you guys on all the other happenings. For those that have been wondering what else I've been doing aside from "Sonic", I updated my reel with some of my newer works from this year. Many of these pieces were shot on the same camera "Sonic" will be shot on!:

I just directed a new short film, "Becoming Tina", which will be screened in Manhattan on May 9th so if anyone is interested to going and meeting up, click the link below and hit me up with a message!:

Lastly, I'm currently involved in two music videos. I just co-directed a music video for a visual kei band named "Rose Noire:. Some of the footage is in my reel above. The second video I'm directing on my own for a band named "Dangerpin" which will be an ode to TRON and video games in general. Should be a lot of fun! Here's a visual effects (we haven't started shooting yet):

Expect some rad updates soon! Also, the teaser with the new Sonic model!