Hello all!

Two fun things:

First off, glad to see people are digging the trailer! Just so you all know, we want to focus on visual effects tweaking, shooting, and fine tuning so it will be a while before anyone will see the newest Sonic render but I think you guys will be VERY pleased with the end results :D. The release of the teaser has led to a lot of positive feedback as well as some great community feedback. Now on to some content. First, a few teaser of Robotnik's main aerial vessel!:

Since these photos were taken, some major progress has been made and I think fans will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the set.

Secondly: We recently launched the site for our production company, Blue Core Studios and released a webisode entitled "Metal Gear Office". I produced and shot it with my friend, Chris Behn (who wrote and directed it). Enjoy!: