Hello all!

Eddie here. Sorry about the disappearance. Plenty has been going on over here that has left us very busy! Hmm...where to begin...

Recently, we produced a short sketch that aired on SpikeTV which was a totally last minute event that we couldn't pass up (link at the end of this post). We are also developing a few other things to coincide with the release of Sonic. Everyone keeps asking "when will it be released" and we hope to have that answer in August! That being said, Sonic is to wrap filming within the next 3 week. August is a very important month in the completion of this film and will shape when the film will be released. It's a time in which all visual effects are in full swing and we figure out exactly how long completion will take. So, what can you expect in the coming weeks and months?

-Robotnik reveal
-Behind the scenes video blogs
-Official full-length trailer
-Music video
-The actual film
-A brief convention tour with the film

Hope that answers some questions. Since some things have to remain in secrecy, I will most likely be doing very rough video blogs just for this site using my web cam more periodically to up the current happenings. Aside from all this, we've been shooting and building sets/props! Also, a pick from one of our more unique shoots:

Metal Slug: The Movie => http://www.gametrailers.com/video/metal-slug-talking-classics/717797

Nuff said.