Hello all!

Time for another update. I was scratching my brain thinking of what I could show this week that hasn't been seen before. I then realized a very obscure treat I could show:

The story behind this still is that it's was the very first visual effects shot submitted to the film's CGI team. In the frame, you see VFX Supervisor David S. Horowitz standing in as a reference for the perspective and size of Sonic within the frame and to his right, our 2nd Assistant Camera is slating the scene with the information needed for the animator in order to make Sonic blend into the shot appropriately.

Goes without saying that effects work has begun on the film and we've been in the post-production phase as we continued shooting. Sadly, we have to be secretive about actual live action shots with Sonic until the time is right but it will be worth the wait!

On a final note, we are currently fine tuning a brand new "Sonic" teaser to be released this Friday! The teaser will be exclusive to our production company site, www.bluecorestudios.com/join-the-core so swing by and register for a free account! The first teaser focused primarily on Sonic os its a given who the next teaser is going to focus on...