Hello all!

It's been a while since our last update so I have to make this one count. Sorry about the disappearance but things on our end are pretty wacky. In addition to completing the film, there's a lot on our plate we are trying to balance and then the holidays came around. For those that don't know, working in film is what I do for a living so I'm currently working on sets while finishing up the visual effects on "Sonic". Plus, my team and I are trying to get our production studio operational in Manhattan sometime in the near future. Enough talk! Time for some updates.

Current State of "Sonic":
Over the last month, we have been expanding our visual effects team to including more animators so we can have a faster turnaround in completing the film. In the weeks to come, we will be adding even more animators, compositors, and render specialist to ensure a faster completion and Hollywood quality CGI. The best thing about this is a lot of the team are Sonic fans themselves who are giving tremendously feedback on how the characters move, behave, and appear.

Oddly enough, that's the reason for the slow updates. We are at a point where we are around doing effects and that is the longest aspect of this film. In fact, I explain the effects process in more detail in the newest private blog.

MAGFest 2012:
The Blue Core team and myself will be at MAGFest 2012 in National Harbor, Maryland January 5th to the 8th for three panels:

-A Blue Core Studios panel
-A video game movie panel
-Our last "Sonic" panel prior to the release of the film.

For the "Sonic" panel, we will be showing a work-in-progress of the final trailer and finally reveal our correct goal for the release date. This will also be the only time we show non-trailer footage publicly of the film before it's release In addition, we'll be discussing our plans regarding turning the short into a feature or a web series.

Also, all blogs have been unlocked to this point so check out anything you may have missed! On a final note, enjoy an additional behind the scenes image: