Greetings all!

I wanted to give everyone a long overdue update on the project.

Firstly, I usually do very small updates via the film's facebook page ( so I HIGHLY recommend referring to that for simpler updates. This site is usually reserved for more monumental updates (trailers, stills, video, etc).

In terms of an update on the film, we are currently in the homestretch. I'm awaiting the day in which I can say “all visual effects on the film are done!” since that will mean the very last hurdle on this film has been passed. That has been the hurdle that has consumed the majority of the last year, right to the point of me having to activating becoming a member of the 3D animation team. It's very hard for me to say in detail but our current biggest focus is the key action sequence involving Sonic. It's a 3 stage action sequence that continues to escalate and involves a lot of effects and animation. This scene and the finale is what we are currently working on and are the make-or-break moments of post-production. We skip the completion of these scenes and the wait would have been for nothing. This brings me to my next note.

In reference to the long wait, I know many people are wondering what's taking so longer and I'd like to address that. As much I want the film to come out tomorrow or next week, I want people to understand the situation in which we are working in. It has indeed been a while and we are still working toward completion. The average day is a weird balance of paid work, “Sonic” work, and sleep. If I could skip sleeping to finish the film (in many occasions, I have), I would. On a daily bases, I'm saying “I wish Sonic was done” because that's all I think about all the time. I want to assure everyone that we are giving 110% to the film. I can honestly say I've never worked as hard on a film as I have on "Sonic" and I can't even say I want ”Sonic” to come out as much as all you do because I want it to come out even MORE. Every-time a shred of doubt rises up, remember these words and you'll know that this baby has to come. In fact, it NEEDS to. We can not allow this wait to be for nothing. That being said, we have reached various internal decisions and finally hammered down a release date. We will be announcing the release date on October 1st and reveal the date of the online release, a premiere screening, and a new video blog explaining our plan in all this!

Now that's out of the way, what have we been doing aside from VFXs? We recently shot a cameo with internet comedian Doug Walker that we have edited into the film and while he was in our neck of the woods, we decided to shoot a bit more with him....:

This video will be hitting the web within the next two weeks and I will be providing a link to that when the time comes! Additionally, we had to shoot some pre-vis shots for the finale which requires my producer and I to step outside with our Sonic action figure:

That's Sonic diving downward in the air....I'll allow you to fill in the blanks with your imagination! Proof you don't need a huge budget to be creative....with an action figure...

Lastly, we made a rather interesting narrative change to the project involving Robotnik's army and his attempt to take over. All we can say is that you've never see Robotnik with this much force and you will truly believe this is a man who can take over the world.

Expect some more updates soon regarding the progress on the film! Remain patient and we shall deliver. :)

Eddie L.